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Odour Skunk

Odour Skunk

Odor Skunk refreshes, deodorizes and neutralizes the nasty odors caused by sweat and humidity. Perfect for foul-smelling sports equipment and anything that stinks!

Aquakem™ Odour Skunk™ is a plant-based product that eliminates nasty odors at the source. While many products only mask offensive odors with strong scents, Aquakem™ Odour Skunk™ will neutralize.


• Residential
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Wastewater
• Chemical odor control
• Food processing
• Sports
• Bathrooms
• Garbage
• Carpets


• Captures and neutralizes odors
• Non Toxic
• Biodegradable
• Non irritating
• Available without a fragrance


•No Parabens
•No Chlorine
•No Phophates
•No Dyes


To eliminate odours, just hold the bottle upright and spray directly on the surface or area to allow the Odour SkunkTM to neutralize the bad scent.

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